Welcome to Timberwood Designs.  We are a small, family owned company located in Provo, Utah, whose top priority is your satisfaction. We offer laser cutting, powder coating, welding and fabrication services and pride ourselves on quality service and fast turnaround times to help expedite your projects. We also have the capability to help design your projects to make them become reality. Please feel free to contact us or submit information that we may quote your next project. We look forward to building a strong relationship with you into the future.


The benefits of laser cutting in production include almost unlimited cutting configurations elimination of stack up tolerances inherent in multiple operations, no tooling charges, reduced lot sizes and a wide variety of metal alloys. Precision laser cutting of steel results in better parts production and reduced part distortion as a result of limited heat affected zones (haz).  Additionally, it gives fabricators and their clients an improved ability to laser cut extremely complex shapes due to the laser's X-Y-Z axis and narrower "kerf" width. Advanced CNC laser cutting systems like the ones at Timberwood also feature more efficient part nesting capability due to their greater programming flexibility. This allows users to make design changes very quickly while still maintaining a fast turnaround. This feature of laser cutting also greatly lowers the amount of potential rework on a job, and improves the finish of the part. Because Timberwood's industrial laser cutting technology is highly repeatable, part quality and accuracy are more consistent than traditional cutting methods.

Moreover, custom laser cutting improves job processing since multiple jobs can be combined and cut in a single batch.


Power Coating provides a durable finish to metal products. The powder is applied electrostatically and then cured in a 400 F oven to produce a thick, even coating. Powder coatings have extremely low volatile organic compounds(VOC), meaning it is safe and nontoxic to the environment.

At Timberwood, ourovens measure 7 x 7 x 6 to 25 x 10 x 10 and can accommodate such items as ATV and motorcycle frames, and sectional handrail systems. We can powder coat items as small as your smallest bolt as well. We try our hardest to keep our turn-around time to 5-7 business days. We have never missed a customer-imposed deadline.

To begin the powder coating process, we will chemically strip, or blast your metal part of any pre existing paint or powder. Most items will then be sandblasted to prepare them for the coating process. Sandblasting will remove any rust and leftover paint. The item will then be cleaned and hung for coating. After applying the powder, the item will be transferred to a 400 F oven for curing. After the curing process, the item will take some time to cool and then be ready for pick-up and can be put to use immediately.


·         Powder Coating prices include media blasting of new metal parts, as well as masking and plugging threaded holes. Custom masking is extra.

·         There will be an additional charge for removal of old powder coating or excessive paint. If a part requires that a chemical stripper be used prior to blasting there will be an additional charge.

·         All Parts should be clean of any grease, rubber gaskets, or plastic, and all grease fittings should be removed. Parts with grease, sludge, or oil will be charged a de-greasing fee.

·         Bearings and seals can be removed by Timberwood; however, there will be an additional charge for this service.

·         Timberwood is not responsible for controlling "out gassing" of parts, a problem of internal gasses within a casting, or tubing which when heated up can possibly come to surface creating tiny pin holes. Cast aluminum wheels and cast iron parts may experience out-gassing and / or bubbling in the finished powder coating. Timberwood will take every precaution to avoid out-gassing; however, we cannot guarantee that out-gassing will not occur in porous castings.

·         Powder Coating pricing includes powder coating in a single process with a stock color.  Any custom powder or color selection will be at an additional cost.

·         For candy or transparent colors, add 50% for a base coat.

·         For Metallic or Silver finishes, add 35% for a clear top coat. A clear top coat is recommended to protect and preserve the look of all metallic and silver powder coatings.

·         Custom Blends, or custom matched colors are available, please call for pricing.


We offer custom design and cutting in an array of products, including architectural products, prototyping for manufacture, designer engraving with a special emphasis on wood carving.  We offer consulting and file creation for the woodworking and signage industry with files available in DXF, DWG or a number of other formats.

Computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines offer accuracy and speed unmatched by manual operations. Our CNC machine is capable of material up to 5' wide by 8' long by 6" thick. The machine accuracy is +or -.001". Of course this accuracy is overkill for wood since wood moves with changes in climate, but when it comes to machining non ferrous materials like aluminum, brass and bronze, this level of tolerance is invaluable. We can also cut and machine solid surface materials.

So if you have one part or a thousand parts, plaques, signs etc… that need to be cut and machined with precision, our CNC cutting services can help make this operation cost affordable for you. We can take full size material, like plywood, melamine, laminate materials sign materials like HDU foam and solid wood to your specifications; give us a call at 435-840-1773

In our gallery you will find numerous categories that hold some of our projects we have been involved with over the years. Please feel free to browse and see some of the amazing things we do here at Timberwood Designs Inc. If you have a special Commercial, Industrial, or Residential project please contact us or use one of the Request Quote buttons on the image page in the gallery. We hope you enjoy browsing through our projects!